A fine vintage for laying down


The contrasting weather of the first few months of the year and a hot, dry summer that ultimately enabled the grapes to ripen fully made for a contrasting vintage.
These sunny summer months revealed the potential of Ferrand’s terroir, producing well-balanced and hugely refined wines. Very well-integrated tannins. A dark, intense ruby colour.
On the palate, red and black fruit notes shine through. The elegance, purity and finesse of these aromas are already perceptible, heralding a fresh, complex and elegant vintage.


The winter was mild and damp. Despite significant rainfall (more than 200 mm), temperatures overall remained above average. A dry period set in from late June. July was hot with low rainfall, creating water stress that helped the small grapes to ripen. The vineyard was in a healthy condition.


80 % Merlot
15 % Cabernet franc
5 % Cabernet sauvignon

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