Bic Art at
Chateau de ferrand

blending ART & WINE

Marcel Bich devant l'usine Bic
Marcel Bich IN 1950


In 1978, Baron Marcel Bich, a visionary industrialist and founder of the company BIC, purchased Château de Ferrand.

Since the BIC® Cristal® pen was launched in 1950, many artists have made free use of this tool to create drawings, sculptures and installations. In 1998, some of these works were presented to the public in an exhibition on Marcel Bich, organised by the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley.

Catalogue de la Collection Bic
catalogue of the bic collection

To support this exhibition, Bruno Bich, the then director of BIC, had the idea of creating a collection of contemporary art for the company, with all the works freely created with or inspired by the brand’s products. The BIC Collection of Contemporary Art currently features nearly 200 works from international artists, both well-established and emerging.

As this corporate collection was being built up, the founder’s family, under the impulse of Charlotte Bich-Goury du Roslan, has been working to acquire major, historic works, also created with BIC® products.

These works rounded out and enriched the first public exhibition of the BIC Collection of Contemporary Art, presented at CENTQUATRE-Paris in spring 2018.

Bic Art au Chateau de Ferrand : Le Capuchon Mordu par Julien Gudéa exposé à l'entrée du chateau

Le Capuchon Mordu, Julien Gudéa (2019)

Bic Art à Ferrand : oeuvre exposée à l'entrée du chateau

Sans titre, Diego Perrone (2016)

Bic Art à Ferrand : le Scribble, installé dans la galerie du chateau

Scribble, Michel François (2011)

ART WORKS AT ferrand

Currently, these works owned by the family are exhibited in certain rooms at Château de Ferrand, and the walls of the tasting room feature a mural created with a BIC® ballpoint pen by artist Alexandre Doucin depicting the surrounding landscapes. The BIC® ballpoint pen is iconic for many artists, and an integral part of our culture.

Château de Ferrand invites you to discover this unique collection by taking a trip to the heart of this historical family estate.

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An encounter between art &
gastronomy at la table de ferrand

Discover the Bic Art collection differently through a unique gastronomic experience: the 4 Colour Experience.
Your sensory journey begins with a tour of the estate and wine tasting, followed by a visit of the private BIC Art collection exhibited in the chateau. Then, take your place at la Table de Ferrand for a colourful gastronomic interlude, inspired by the BIC 4 Colour Pen and accompanied by the estate’s finest vintages.