Our tasting

four tasting workshops to explore Château de Ferrand and its wines

Top vintages: a revelation

Dégustation à l'aveugle au chateau de ferrand

A tour of the estate followed by an exploration of two vintages with expert assistance.
Then comes the surprise of a vintage tasted blind.




€24 (inc. vat) per person

Large formats for top vintages

Dégustation de plusieurs millésimes dont un en format magnum

Ferrand’s style blossoms in larger bottles.
Tour of the estate followed by a tasting of two vintages and an exceptional vintage in magnum format. Unforgettable!




€35 (inc. vat) per person


Verticale de six millésimes de Chateau de Ferrand pendant un atelier Grand Cru Classé dans le salon Bic

Our ‘Sommelier’s Masterclass’ is run by a trained sommelier in the 18th-century chateau’s private tasting space, the BIC tasting room.

This includes:

A private tour of the facilities

An introduction to aromas

A guided vertical tasting of six exceptional Château de Ferrand vintages with an advanced tasting course

A food and wine pairings with a gourmet platter
made by our private Cheffe.




€100 (inc. VAT) per person
FROM 2 TO 6 people

Make your own blend… the connoisseur’s dream

Mise en place d'un atelier assemblage dans la salle chai du Chateau de Ferrand, Grand Cru Classé de Saint-Emilion

Educate your palate, understand the different grape varieties, and discover the best way to combine them into the perfect blend at this workshop where curiosity and concentration go hand in hand.

After the workshop, take a seat in the Orangerie where you will taste two Ferrand vintages paired with vintage Comté and Pata Negra. Pleasure guaranteed.




€75 (inc. VAT) per person

*We kindly ask you to arrive 5 minutes before the visit starts.
After 15 MINUTES of delay, the tour/workshop will be canceled and will not be refundable.