The vineyard’s unique features

vue rang de vigne du chateau de ferrand

Unique geography

Planted on the clay-limestone hillsides of Saint-Hippolyte at around 100 meters above sea level, Ferrand is one of the highest vineyards in the Saint-Émilion appellation.
It looks down onto a curve in the Dordogne valley and enjoys ideal exposure to the winds.

This elevated position has various benefits for winemaking:

Rising air currents keep the site well ventilated.

All of the plots have slight slopes, ensuring that a significant portion of the summer rains runs off.

chateau de ferrand replantations cepages chateau

chateau de ferrand replantations cepages

An entirely redesigned vineyard

Following a process of mapping the soil and subsoil and of winegrowing plot regrouping, Château de Ferrand undertook a programme of replanting, tailoring its choice of plant material to the estate’s different soil types.

Planting density was increased sharply to 8,300 vines per hectare as replanting work was completed.
The leaf to fruit ratio was increased, significantly improving the quality of each harvest.

A well-balanced mix of grape varieties

The grapes varieties are 70% merlot, 29% cabernet franc and 1% cabernet sauvignon, providing roundness, freshness, minerality, acidity and a lingering finish that herald perfect balance and a wonderfully long life.

Soils, a natural heritage
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