a natural heritage

A grappe during harvest and pruning in winter

In the beginning were the soils

“Behind the wine, the soil.
This is not so much vineyard management as plot management.”

Gonzague de Lambert,
Director of Château de Ferrand.

Each individual plot is handled differently according to its specific characteristics.
This is where a lot of the magic lies. Nature is king here, but humans hold the reins.

Vines require a constant series of activities.
During the winter, pruning in single Guyot formation requires experience of the age, strength, density and grape variety of each plot, as well as respect for sap circulation.

Then comes budding and disbudding, vital for ensuring a top-quality harvest using rational crop protection methods.

No herbicides are used on the estate

Blue clay from the soils of Chateau de Ferrand

Geological diversity

All of Ferrand’s vineyards are located on the Saint-Hippolyte clay-limestone plateau more than 100 m above sea level, and they have four different soil types:

Brown sandy-clay limestone soils with rocks

Brown sandy-clay calcareous soils with rocks

Brown calcareous soils over compacted marl

Brown sandy-clay to clayey-sand soils

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