16 May 2022

Ferrand’s smile

As part of its BIC Art collection, a few weeks ago Château de Ferrand welcomed the artist Ho Lui to create a unique collaborative work, “Ferrand’s Smile”.

Born in Shanghai in 1955, Ho Lui began sculpting in Zhang Chongren’s studio, the hero of Hergé’s “Lotus Bleu”. In 1982, he arrived in Paris to study at the Beaux-Arts school of fine arts and became the first student from Popular China at this prestigious school.
The Centre Pompidou exhibited his work in 1989.

Based in Antibes for many years, Ho Lui works in front of his studio. Drawing, sculpture, painting… This complete artist gets his inspiration by the world surrounding him, in particular passers-by that he considers as artists. Ho Lui reverses the roles between artist and spectators and creates his art works thanks to the people crossing his path.

In January 2022, Alix Dufour – third generation of the Bich family – in charge of bringing the BIC Art Collection to life, traveled to Antibes to meet Ho Lui. He presented to her with a unique work, gathering 11,000 signatures made with a BIC Cristal© Blue pen and illustrating his own face – an amazing job done over a 5 years period. From then, emerged the idea to create a specific art work for Château de Ferrand, where each visitor could leave a trace of his visit at the property.

 Launched during the Primeurs Week, this triptych composed of signatures made with a BIC Cristal© Blue pen, will evolve over the months to make up “Ferrand’s Smile”. Filling up this work, visitor become the artist et take part in the writing of Ferrand’s story.

Château de Ferrand invites you to come and sign the art work!

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