Primeur 2023

“This vintage, born of climate constraints, reflects modern-day Ferrand: a strong foundation and a reassuring heritage rooted in history in a world that shifts and fluctuates”

Pauline Chandon-Moët

an expressive, well-balanced
and gourmet vintage…

Château de Ferrand 2023, a captivating wine with a rich, balanced expression.

The freshness and vibrancy of the Cabernet, gained from the limestone fringes of the plateau, give this wine an airy lightness and a velvety texture. The tannins, both delicate and deep, delicately sculpt the structure of this wine, giving it the depth and complexity characteristic of Ferrand wines.

This new vintage is particularly important for the estate as it represents the last year of organic conversion.

2023 is an ode to nature, passion and the art of winemaking…

vin primeur 2023 chateau de ferrand

key figures


44 HL/HA

14.5 %


2023: a strikingly unique year

Like a living painting, this wine-growing year stands out for its singularity, drawing unexpected shades into the picture of our history.

Between the drops, periods of drought took their place, interrupted by thunderstorms. Temperatures fluctuated between mild and hot, announcing a vintage of rare intensity. As for spring, it awoke to the rhythm of the buds, revealing an early revival. Then a brilliant blossoming and veraison in early August gave way to a long ripening period.

An exceptional wine-making year, in which every drop of rain, every ray of sunshine and every breath of wind shaped a unique vintage.

vignoble primeur 2023 chateau de ferrand
vendanges primeur 2023 chateau de ferrand

the harvest, a key periode

The early harvest was the prelude to a vibrant picking season, boosted by the intense heat of late summer.

The first shears fell on the young Merlot vines on September 11th. One plot at a time, our team worked with determination and precision. In the cellar, a place of creation and transformation, the grapes were carefully sorted, each variety revealing its own identity.

On October 3rd, in optimal conditions, the harvest was completed, ending 15 days of hard work and intense emotion.