24 June 2024

Partnership with La Source Garouste-Iturria

the two artworks presented at chateau de ferrand until 30th september

After the successfull exhibition “The Humble Bic” in 2023, Château de Ferrand is pleased to announce a new artistic partnership with La Source Garouste-Iturria, the Basque Country branch of the association La Source Garouste.

Created in 1991 by Gérard and Élisabeth Garouste, renowned painter and designer, the Association La Source Garouste was born of the conviction that artistic creation can support social action, in order to combat exclusion in all its forms, believing that art plays a fundamental role in the construction of society and contributes to the development of the individual from an early age. The partnership with Château de Ferrand resonates with owner Pauline Chandon-Moët desire to encourage the development of young people through art.

In this context, two workshops were set up last April, allowing two groups of children to explore the artistic possibilities of the BIC® ballpoint pen. The two series of works, imagined by artist Laurent Terras and created by the children, are based on the pens themselves, which are the basis for the creative process. If they have been uncapped, emptied, assembled and glued, it’s because the constraint of creating with an everyday object became a source of freedom.

the StyloBriques

Laurent Terras works with the casting of everyday objects created by humans. After TechnoFossiles, a work realized in 2012, for which he undertook the ceramic creation of oil and gasoline cans, Laurent wanted to return to this primitive material: clay. The artist imagined assembling 800 uncapped ballpoint pens into a brick, molding it and, with young people from the Institut Medicoeducatif Le Nid Basque (Anglet), making a series of clay bricks and a few ceramic shards from the ballpoint pen’s alveolar shape.

chateau de ferrand partenariat la source

the Stylhouettes

Using the silhouettes of teenagers from the Maison de la Vie Citoyenne Saint-Étienne (Bayonne), the group cut out plexiglass onto which they applied an adhesive mirror. The BIC® pens, emptied and glued to the mirror, were filled with LED filaments to give the luminous pens an infinite impression thanks to the mirror.

chateau de ferrand la source partenariat

La Source Garouste-Iturria

Local branch based in the Basque Country, La Source Garouste-Iturria was created in 2017 by a group of committed friends. Its currently nomadic operation enables the association to work in partnership with all types of institutions welcoming young people: social centers, medical and social centers and schools.

The aim of their workshops is to work with the daily needs and desires of children and teenagers through artistic practice: finding different ways of expressing themselves, thinking outside the box to find creative solutions to their questions. Thanks to their experience and their network, they propose different artists and artistic fields, and work with the structure that requests their services to design the artistic project and its modalities. A workshop can be built over one or two weeks, or over a three-month artistic residency. At the end of each workshop, a vernissage takes place, which is seen as a real highlight of the project, allowing the young people’s work to be showcased in the eyes of their loved ones and invited guests, and their talents and learning to be recognized.

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